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The K-Tel All-Stars are the premiere tribute to AM Radio's rock and pop super hits from the 70's. The band plays chart-topping songs from 1970 to 1979, including number-one hits, one-hit wonders, and other unforgettable gems from the greatest era in music history. In other words, you'll know every song! The K-Tel All-Stars are fast becoming the most popular 70's band for all occasions. 

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The Band

Thank You!

We are honored to be given this award from

The Circle City Rotary in Corona, CA. Their events and festivals raise money that benefits local charities. 

Thank you for inviting us to perform... again!

There's only one band that we would ask to play at our event, and that's The K-Tel All-Stars. Everyone, from young to old fell in love with this band. Before the band had finished this year's performance, I had already booked them for next year. That's how fantastic they are!

-  Mark Peabody, President

   Circle City Rotary | Corona, CA



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Larry Hampton

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